...doing what comes naturally!



Bowie was our first and BEST pheasant dog!  He taught us both a lot about training a good bird dog.  He was a natural; very smart and very forgiving (good thing in spite of his novice owners), but he inspired me to improve my bird dog training and shooting skills.  It's very frustrating for your dog when you can't hit the bird!  He also taught me that hunting and watching a good dog in the field was truly a joy to behold.  
I miss him terribly!!!


  ...a good mornings work

New Master Hunter

Roxy is truly the best hunting dog we have.  Not only because of her excellent skills, but because of her HEART!  Tireless in the field, she LOVES to hunt and simply will not quit.

Whether finding game or helping me school young pups in the field, she approaches everything she does with purpose and with love.  It is truly a joy to watch her work!





Ch Voros Vadasz Renasanz Lizska JH

Renaissance Redwind Hannah JH




Ch Renaissance Roman Romeo JH NA

Roman has proven himself to be quite the hunter for
his owner Suzanne, who originally had no interest in 
a bird dog.  Well....that sure has changed!


Ch Renaissance Golden Legacy




Roytan Mademoiselle


Ch Renaissance Ms Reba Of Truviz JH


BISS CH Renaissance Step Aside Boys


Renaissance Every Cowgirls Dream



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