Roytan Mademoiselle
(Import UK)

photo by Kenneth Reed Photography

Britney at 15 months


Britney doing what she LOVES to do!


(Eng CH Gardenway Dramatist x Roytan Zabina)

Date of Birth: 9 April 2000

Hips: OFA VZ-7593G24F
Penn-HIP: LH/RH - .48/.52

Owned by: Michelle Rogers & Linda Durham

My fascination with the English Vizsla began five years ago when I picked up a copy of Gay Gottlieb's book, The Hungarian Vizsla, and fell in love with her dogs.  After a few stalled attempts, I decided to take the plunge.  I contacted Jackie Perkins of Gardenway Vizslas in the UK and began a wonderful correspondence with her.  I learned a lot about her dogs and Vizslas in general.  She shared several photos with me and I told her, "If I were ever to get an English Vizsla, I would want one sired by your boy Grebe."  

A few months later, Jackie told me of a wonderful breeding she had done between Grebe and the bitch Meisje owned by Tania Stapley.  I was excited, however, when the bitch whelped only three pups, one male and two females, I was afraid my opportunity had come and gone again.  Jackie told me that if neither one was good enough to send, then I would have to wait.  Fortunately for me, at 10 weeks of age, Jackie and Tania sent me my wonderful bundle of joy!

She has been a joy and a blessing to have around the house.  Not timid of anything, including the big dogs, she made herself right to home.  She is by far more than I had expected and I am forever grateful to Jackie and Tania for their trust and confidence in someone they had never really met before to bring one of their dogs to America.  

Thank you Jackie and Tania!  I hope we do you and your dogs proud!!


Eng SH CH Gardenway Dramatist

Eng/Hung/Intl CH Kilato-Teri Furge Mokany of Helmlake Hung/Intl CH Vadaszfai Kozak
Kavai Pompas
Eng CH Gardenway Dawn Run Eng CH Russetmantle Grebe of Gardenway
Eng CH Gardenway Bula
Roytan Zabina Eng Sh Ch Pitswarren Levi Pitswarren Zacchaeus
Eng SH CH Gardenway Rica of Pitswarren
Swanton Zest of Roytan Eng SH CH Captain Quincey of Glendun
Galfrid Bisque

...her parents

Sire: Eng Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist Dam: Roytan Zabina


...her ancestors

Eng CH Gardenway Bula

...the foundation bitch for Gardenway (UK)

Eng/Hung/Intl CH Kilato-Teri Furge Mokany of Helmlake

Eng CH Gardenway Dawn Run

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