Sales of all Renaissance puppies are formalized through a sales contract. We use the contract to protect you, the buyer; our good reputation as a breeder and; most importantly, the puppy.  The details of this contract outline the care owners must be willing to provide their puppy.  All puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of purchase.  Our contract stipulates that your veterinarian should see the puppy within five days of receipt for a complete examination.  Additionally, all pups come with a lifetime return policy.  We will take any dogs of our breeding back at any time for any reason.
Pet/companion pups are sold to qualified homes on an AKC Limited Registration only and must be spayed or neutered prior to 12 months of age.  The Limited Registration means that the pup could not be shown in conformation events (though they may compete in all other disciplines) and any resulting offspring from the pup would not be eligible for AKC registration.
Show quality pups are sold to select homes on either a co-ownership basis or outright ownership depending on circumstances.  This may or may not involve a breeding clause.  If you are new to the breed, or a first time breeder, we will usually require a "limited" co-ownership on the pup.  We do this so that we are in the best position to "mentor" you as you begin your adventures in the show world.  All reasonable efforts should be made to complete the AKC championship on the pup in due course.  Show quality pups must not be spayed or neutered prior to the completion of his show career without our written consent.

We carefully screen all of our breeding stock for hereditary problems and make every effort to ensure the genetic health of our pups.  However, with the ambiguity surrounding the environmental and hereditary causes of hip dysplasia, epilepsy, thyroid and several other genetic disorders a guarantee is impossible.  Instead, we warranty our puppies against genetic defects, offering a partial refund for any dog debilitated by one of these diseases.  Similarly, if any show quality puppy develops a disqualifying fault under the AKC breed standard, we will reimburse the owner a portion of the original purchase price or replace the pup with one from our next breeding.

We strive in everything we do with our selling practices to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding.  We recognize that the key to a happy breeder/buyer relationship is communication.  If you are at all uncomfortable with something we are asking of you - DO NOT AGREE TO IT!!  Instead, we encourage you to discuss with us your comfort levels, goals and visions for your new Vizsla puppy.  Our goal is to get our pups into the best homes available.  If you are one of those homes, we will work with you to make that happen.

Samples of our contracts may be reviewed upon request.


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