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Welcome to Renaissance, where our passion is excellence!=

 During the era known as the Renaissance, man emerged from the Middle Ages
 and experienced a renewed, enthusiastic pursuit along classical lines.  A
 pursuit distinguished by a revival of interest in the past, by an increasing
 pursuit of learning, and by an imaginative response to the changing times.

 It was an era of progressive attitude with only perfection as a goal.  A goal we
 strive to achiev
e.  Producing the Vizsla of tomorrow is an art that requires a
 solid foundation in the past as well as a vision of the future.  At Renaissance
 Vizslas, we believe in the tradition of the old masters;  selectively breeding
 proven foundation lines for beauty, movement, type, temperament and natural
 bird ability.

 This is the essence of Renaissance Vizslas.  Come along and explore the world
 of Renaissance!


 What's New? updated 18 Seo 2016

  Cruise finishes 2015 as #1 Vizsla and #1 Gundog in Mexico

  Smooch finishes 2015 as #5 Vizsla All-Systems

  Falco finishes 2015 as #1 Vizsla in Brazil!
  Journey - Group Winner in Chile!

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